Woman hit in face with ball at little league game, sues 13-year-old for 150k

This article was originally published on Examiner.com on June 26, 2012.


Two years ago New Jersey native Elizabeth Lloyd was at a little league baseball game sitting on the sidelines when she was hit in the face by a stray ball thrown by then 11-year-old Matthew Migliaccio who is the team’s catcher. He was throwing a ball back to a pitcher in the bullpen, but missed his mark. The ball bounced from the pitcher’s glove and hit Lloyd in the face.

“A common occurrence” is what a rational mind would think. However, Lloyd believes she was targeted and claims she was maliciously attacked. Her lawyer claims the throw was ‘intentionally offline’, and that because of the boy’s actions Ms. Lloyd now suffers from ‘severe, painful and permanent injuries.’ The lawsuit goes so far as to describe the throw by the child, who was still in elementary school at the time, as assault and battery!

To make matters even worse Lloyd’s husband, who is unnamed, is also suing the boy! He charges that because of the 11-year-old’s actions he has lost the “”services, society and consortium of his wife.” In laymen terms, the husband has joined the lawsuit against the boy because his wife will no longer have sexual relations of an intimate nature with him.

The Migliaccio family is still in shock and disbelief about this matter that has now dragged on for two years and is finally come to a head. According to The AP Matthew’s father, Bob, said “We keep thinking it’s just going to go away, and then a week and a half ago a sheriff shows up at my door to serve my son the papers. It’s absurd to expect every 11-year-old to throw the ball on target. Everyone knows you’ve got to watch out. You assume some risk when you go out to a field. That’s just part of being at a game.”

They claim that they will not stop fighting for their son’s rights and have retained an attorney, Anthony Pagano, who says “I just think that it’s disgusting that you have people suing an 11-year-old kid for overthrowing his pitcher in the bullpen. It’s horrible this can actually happen and get this far. Ultimately, hopefully, justice will prevail.”