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Steve Irwin’s last words, “I’m dying”

Steve Irwin’s last words, “I’m dying”

  A moment that has been a long time coming, Australian legend Steve Irwin‘s dying words have been shared with the world. His cameraman, Justin Lyons has come forward on an Australian talk show to talk about the Crocodile Hunter’s final moments. While filming the massive bull stingray that caused his death, Irwin decided on […]

President Obama has the right to kill with drones; The Barbary Wars, a historical perspective

A fiery debate of social critics has engaged on the subject of drone warfare. Privacy and civil rights advocates say President Obama unilaterally killing citizens of foreign countries is a violation of the president’s power. Those who make this argument would do well to ponder the ancient pages of history and the early years of America when one of the first […]

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