TSA pull William Shatner’s pants down during strip search, exposing his starship

This article was originally published on Examiner.com on August 2, 2012. (10,000 likes)

William Shatner, formerly known as Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise, was recently forced to submit to a pat down search by the TSA at Los Angeles International Airport. Shatner was departing for a trip to Africa. During this search, the TSA forced Shatner’s pants to fall down, who was not wearing underwear, and his 81-year-old unmentionables were briefly shown for all to see.

Shatner is taking the situation as he generally does all things — with good humor. He even cracked a joke on his official Twitter account that said, “My wardrobe malfunction @ LAX is making the rounds online For those that were witness I apologize. For those that kept staring shame on you!”

The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson had the incomparable Shatner on, and he freely discussed the event. He was quoted saying, “Now, remember, I’m going on a long trip to South Africa. I’m going to spend 22 hours on an airplane. So I’m wearing very loose clothing. As loose as I can get it. You don’t want anything to bind you, because you don’t know what it might bind! So… the guy examines me like a pile-driver, my pants fall down. I’m in LAX and my pants are around my knees.”

Ferguson asked Shatner, “You didn’t actually have your junk out there…you didn’t have the full starship out there for everyone to see?”

Always coy, Shatner quipped, “You can’t see a starship at night.”

After taking a somber tone Shatner poignantly said, “It was awful. It was the most embarrassing thing, probably, that’s ever happened.”

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