The splinter in our neighbor’s eye, or the rafter in our own?

I don’t know how to say how to write how I feel exactly.  But I’m going to do the best I can.

I don’t think we should send our sons, fathers, daughters, mothers, or anyone off to fight a war that we literally know nothing about.  America shouldn’t be sending them off to Democratize some other nation because they personally feel they would benefit from it.  They can say “Oh, this nation’s naughty. Let’s go spank them!”  But with as many obvious secrets our nation openly keeps from us (sounds like an oxymoron I know) what makes you think they are being at all truthful in anything they tell us about our battles and wars?  Even before guns and missiles, there was probably always some underlying ulterior motive at play.  As if wars are somehow noble, it angers me.  I refuse to fight another person’s war, and that’s what it is.  America isn’t protecting anyone right now.  My neighbors are fine.  My family is fine.  “But P0J0 they’re fine because the men and women of the Military are out overseas right now”

I get it.  I may have a limited view, but that’s because the government purposefully hides information from it’s citizens.  A few big ones listed here.  You can blame Obama, but that’s ignorant.  People join the military because they have no other options, to fulfill a legacy, to get cheap/free college, for income… in my opinion still stupid.  You could die, fighting for someone’s pocket, instead of just doing so in an actual college or online, free of stray bullets or explosives.

It’s obvious in modern times that business owns the world, including governments or at least the information citizens are told about the government.  The biggest pockets own the people in power, and put the people in power they want.  The top campaign contributors are companies that have something to gain from office, and not idealists like they would have us believe.  Now if my next door neighbor is threatening my family, I will beat him up.  That’s a war I believe in, but I won’t be flying overseas because somebody said something to somebody about something possibly seeing something several years ago.

Americans have so many problems at home they are literally countless.  And they’re more pressing, they’re more immediate but do you know why we’re always at war?  Money.  That shit is expensive and somebody’s paying for it.  And somebody’s collecting.  I understand that Hitler was on a rampage, and I understand that we need to defend ourselves against villains, but terrorism is an idea… not a single group of people.  It’ll never fucking end, and I’d rather be paying teachers better or paying volunteers at homeless shelters to get people washed up and tried to work shitty jobs.  My money can pay cops better who work over time to keep the criminals that actually affect me off the streets.  More food for food banks, perhaps get some REAL WORK put into the foster care system, or free clinics.  We can literally better our own lives instead of blowing somebody’s shitty life up.

Do I hate soldiers?  No.  I think they are brainwashed into thinking what other people tell them to think, that’s why they have drill sergeants to ingrain propaganda in soldier’s head, so the soldiers don’t realize they have no idea who or what they are REALLY fighting for. Soldiers are not stupid, they are just normal people doing what they feel is right.  They join a society and are now on the forefront of life-ending, life-changing situations. “Patriotism” they said, well patriotism is fighting for your country, loving your country, enough to change it.  America somehow thinks Patriotism is changing another person’s country, for monetary gain.