Mitt Romney was driving during an accident in the 60s that killed a passenger

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Before Mitt Romney was a politician he was a Mormon missionary in France during the 1960s. It is a little known fact that while he was spreading the gospel through rural France in 1968, Mitt Romney was involved in a head-on collision. Romney was driving, and one of his passengers was killed.

This was first reported by The Boston Globe in 2007 when they told the story of Mitt Romney almost dying in Bernos-Beaulac, France while driving a Citroen DS. Romney, who was 21 at the time, was driving from Pau to Bordeaux as a chauffeur for Duane Anderson the French Mormon mission president.

Romney tells the story of going around a curve and being struck at full speed by a Catholic priest named Albert Marie. Romney claimed Albert Marie was drunk but this has never been verified. Conversely it was not been verified if Romney was under the influence at the time of the accident, because he was unconscious and in a coma. The first police officer to arrive wrote, “he is dead” in Romney’s passport. There is no record if a sobriety test was issued after Romney regained consciousness who escaped the crash with a broken arm and lacerations to the face.

Six people were in the car that day. Suzanne Farel, Bertin Farel, David Wood, Mitt Romney, Duane Anderson and the fatality, Duane’s wife, Leola Anderson.

Duane Anderson and Bertin Farel have since passed away, leaving only three people who actually know what took place. Did Mitt Romney cause the accident, or was he struck head on? Did his actions cause the death of a beloved wife, or was she the unfortunate victim of a drunk driver?

Romney has always emphatically proclaimed his innocence and renounced any wrongdoing, but it is the policy of the local French police to destroy documents after 10 years. There is, therefore, no paper trail toconfirm what actually happened on that day in 1968.

The only people who can attest to the truth have been friends with Mitt for over 40 years.