Organic Battery from Harvard Researchers


As we have grown fonder of the concept of renewable energy sources, efforts to store that energy have been lackluster. That all changed with a Harvard research team led by Michael J. Aziz. Thanks to funding from ARPA-E, Aziz and his team have developed an organic battery from compounds known as quinones.  Similar to the components that make up rhubarb, these particles can be farmed at low cost. These amazing devices are up to 97 percent cheaper to make than their standard batteries. The wonder never ceases as these devices can hold double the charge as well. The particles in question can be found in organic plant matter, or synthesized from crude oil. While this technology is still in the development phase, there are already working units that work as well as anything currently available on the market.


The necessity to shift our energy away from fossil fuels is higher than ever. This breakthrough could not have come at a better time. We are making great strides toward greener energy. This is the first real breakthrough in energy storage since the lithium-ion variety we have all come to know. The world is changing, because of us. We need this change, because of the earth.