Florida gunman shoots unarmed man, says to police, ‘I only shot a ni**er’


This article was originally published on Examiner.com on August 1, 2012. (31,000 likes)

A man was shot in the head at an apartment building in Port St. Joe, Florida, by another tenant who remarked to police that he was unsure why they were arresting him because he “only shot a ni**er.” The man survived the attack and is in the hospital.

The trouble began when the alleged shooter, Walton Henry Butler, 59, was shouting racial expletives at a group of black children. The children are said to have reported this to their parents, and Everett Gant, 32, went to confront Walton.

Police say Gant knocked on Butler’s door several times. Butler is then said to have opened the door while holding a .22 caliber rifle, and immediately opened fire shooting Gant in the face, directly between the eyes. He then closed the door, called 911, and according to his own statements, continued to eat dinner.

When police officers did make contact multiple neighbors had already called 911. The police took Walter Henry Butler into custody. It has been reported locally by wjhg.com that Gulf County Sheriff Joe Nugent shared the following details, “He (Butler) was brought to the investigation unit where he was interviewed and basically admitted to shooting the victim and said he shot a- used a racial slur— and said that is what he shot and acted like it was not like a big deal or anything to him.”

Gant’s mother is a public school teacher. The community is outraged by this, and a special account has been opened at Centennial Bank in Port St. Joe in care of Everett Gant. This account is intended to help subsidize Gant’s medical expenses. Gloria Gant says she is grateful for the support and does not know how she would be able to cope without her many friends in the community.

Butler has been charged with attempted murder, which will be prosecuted as a hate crime. He is being held without bond in Gulf County Jail.

If convicted Butler may spend the rest his life in prison.