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Every U.S. Senator's phone number
07 Sep 2013 22:41 - Lou Colagiovanni

Have you ever had the urge to contact your senator, but you just did not know how?  Worry no more f [ ... ]

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John McCain accused of treason during town hall me...
07 Sep 2013 19:01 - Lou Colagiovanni

At a recent town hall meeting Sen. John McCain came under fire from a citizen who accused the senato [ ... ]

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Alan Grayson speaks out against a strike on Syria:...
06 Sep 2013 21:32 - Lou Colagiovanni

Two-time congressman Alan Grayson has been one of the loudest voices in the House of Representatives [ ... ]

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Shocking video of animals before they are butchere...
03 Sep 2013 19:45 - Lou Colagiovanni

The film Samsara shocked the world.

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Top Republicans agree God is responsible for clima...
26 Aug 2013 22:51 - Lou Colagiovanni

Two top Republicans say god, and not humans, are behind climate change.

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Dying cancer patient may lose home over $20 worth ...
21 Aug 2013 07:39 - Lou Colagiovanni

    How could it be possible to lose your home over $20 worth of marijuana?

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Nancy Pelosi destroys the GOP on food stamps
21 Jun 2013 21:28 - Lou Colagiovanni

Nancy Pelosi takes the Republican party out the woodshed for a beating, mocking their lack of solida [ ... ]

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Osama Bin Laden was found with WikiLeaks documents...
13 Jun 2013 18:32 - Lou Colagiovanni

Julian Assange gave an interview for Lateline TV which was broadcast June 10, 2013.  During the int [ ... ]

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