VIDEO: Woman repeatedly yells racial slurs at black man in front of her children

Meet the insanely racist Janelle Ambrosia


The scene is a Dollar General parking lot in Cheektowaga, NY.

The woman, who goes by the stripper name, Janelle Ambrosia, says the altercation began when the man recording started his vehicle and ‘scared her children.’  She also claims that the man made racial comments towards her first, but the video shows the man remaining calm and collected while Ambrosia has a near mental breakdown.

The man says, “Racism alive and well.  Amazing!”  Ambrosia fires back, “Sure is!  It’s disgusting what black people got it to!”

What does that even mean?  Who knows.  The conversation gets better!  The man asks, “You called me a nig**r and I’m just supposed to take it?”  Ambrosia then admits the man’s accusations and says, “Sure did!  You scared my kids!  Oh fuc*-ing-well!”

The man laughs and says, “Amazing!”

Ambrosia’s child can then be seen cupping his hands to his mouth and says, “NIG!” in a little boy’s voice!

The man says, “Wow!  You got your kids cursing at me too, huh?”

Ambrosia then has a near mental-breakdown and screams, “DON’T TALK TO MY KIDS.  DON’T TALK TO MY KIDS.”  She then gets what appears to be her husband on the phone.  As a note, we all feel terribly sorry for whatever man is presently in the talons of this harpy.  However, the conversation continues.

Ambrosia screams into the phone, “Talk to this fucking nig**r right now!  I am telling you he is video recording me.  He scared the shit out of Anthony.  He started his car wanting to run his mouth talking about me being a trashy mother.  Fucking say something to him now!  He’s got me on video tape and I am still flipping the fuck out!”

The man calmly says, “You called me a nig**r.”

Then, suddenly, Ambrosia confirms the allegations again and screams, “I CALLED YOU A NIG**R!  YOU’RE A NIG**R!”  While her hands tremble holding the phone she bellows, “NASTY FUCKING NIG**R!”

The man says, “Ok.”

Being extra classy Ambrosia continued her rant, “He says he knows the cops.  How many cops have I stripped for?”

Indeed, inquiring minds do want to know how many police officers have used the services of this diamond in the rough.

The conversation goes on with Ambrosia walking away calling the man a, “Racist ignorant nig**r.”

Watch the full exchange:

Then Ambrosia took to her Twitter account to say such wonderful things such as:




But wait…there’s more!  Somehow Ambrosia managed to book herself onto a local radio station to speak out against the charges.  She said:

 “I am not racist.  I have a black cousin.”


That about sums it up, no?

Listen to the fill interview: