VIDEO: Police rough up Fox News anchor in jail cell



On May 21, 2014 Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett was placed in police custody because an officer believed Jarrett was a danger to himself after a bar tender told the officer Jarrett had taken prescription medication and had been acting erratically.  The police report states the officer attempted contact with Jarrett several times, with Jarrett mostly being non-responsive.  Was this enough to warrant throwing Jarrett into handcuffs, transporting him in a police cruiser, and placing him in a jailcell with several police officers?  Probably not.

After being taken to the cell medical technicians attempt to take Jarrett’s blood, but Jarrett refuses.  In the police report it states Jarrett said “Fuck you” twice to the officer.  Watching the video, which has mostly clear audio, shows that Jarrett did not say these words to the officer.  The officer demanded Jarrett put his hands behind his back, and claimed Jarrett was resisting arrest.  What was the charge, exactly?  Then multiple officers swarm the room.

Neither Gregg Jarrett nor Fox News have spoke publicly about this incident other than Fox acknowledged the incident occurred.

Watch the footage below: