The Perspective of Beauty

What, exactly, does it mean to be beautiful? What is attractive?

One of the biggest things I encounter when I converse with people is that they have a low self-esteem/self-worth.

These people will take note of negative things about themelves over the positive, thus making them believe they are unattractive.

First of all, in any situation, if you focus on the negatives over any of the positives, it’s going to seem a lot shittier than it actually is. I always try to tell people to just spend more time disregarding the bad things (Which, I know, some are unavoidable) and looking at the positive aspect; EVERYTHING becomes a bit more tolerable.

I want to discuss on how people (moreover women) focus on what they consider their personal flaws. Most of them are brought down by feelings of inadequacy from comparing themselves to other people.

We all know, especially on the internet, that people can be really harsh on others that they don’t think are aesthetically appealing, and we’re all guilty of it sooner or later.  During the time of the ‘Most Beautiful Teen Contest’ fads last year, countless people just went to the event to see if they could upset someone enough to remove their photo.  Hell even I did it.

Here’s the thing ladies and gents:

No matter how unconventional you may be, no matter if you really are a fugly motherfucker, no matter how aesthetically displeasing you are,

Will in fact
Find you attractive.

What is beautiful is based upon perspective. I could think someone is gorgeous while another person thinks the exact opposite.

I’m not going to be a tool here and say that all people are beautiful.  I will say that YOU are beautiful to someone.


Now let me point out this:

If you’re trying to compare yourself to the models, actors, actresses, and athletes on TV, you’re doing it wrong.

The people that make it on to TV are a standard selected by executives behind the camera on what they believe should be perfect. Not every single person has the ability to have the same build as their favorite celebrity nor should you try to reach it if you blatantly aren’t like them.

This is where my words become skewed and twisted. I’m not saying that the people on TV aren’t attractive and I’m not saying that you should just accept who you are completely and not try to think you’re inadequate. I will elaborate.

With the Celebrities and their establishment of beauty and what’s attractive, The main reason people find those standards attractive is because that’s what the media promotes to be attractive. Look at it like this:

Bud Light is the number one selling beer in the US.

Bud Light has also never won an award for the best tasting beer.

The reason bud light sells so well is because of advertising. Hell, more than likely, unless you know the right people, the first beer (if you do) you will try will be related to something you had shoved down your throat by the TV.

That’s the way it is with the famous people. They’re always complimented and portrayed as the standard of beauty and if you see someone unconventional rise in the ranks of fame it’s because they are know as corky or slapstick funny.

We are told by TV what to drink, eat, watch, fuck, wipe with, and what to hate.   More than likely the general population will blindly follow what they see.

That’s that big part of what’s killing self esteem in general for people.

Just because you can never be what the media tells you to be doesn’t mean you should give up making the best of yourself.

If you feel too skinny, work on gaining weight.
If you feel fat, work on losing weight.
If you feel the need to change yourself, do it.

Just keep it realistic.
Aim for goals YOUR body can handle. Aim for things that won’t harm your body.

Don’t starve yourself to lose a few pounds but work toward that contentment because sometimes, a little satisfaction from making a realistic goal causes self-esteem to skyrocket.

Now here’s the really tough part:

Don’t let the belittlement of strangers tear you down. People in this world are cruel and, at times, heartless.

The only opinion that should matter is your own. That’s it.

It’s nice to get a second opinion at times, but in the most basic form you just need to believe in yourself.

Lastly, you would never believe how far a little self confidence can take you in a couple months.
Self confidence (ESPECIALLY IN GUYS) immediately makes you seem more attractive to people in general. People want to be around someone who is isn’t so busy pitying themselves.

Seriously, ladies and gents, you’re all fuckable to someone, don’t let the bad qualities overshadow your good ones.