Steve Irwin’s last words, “I’m dying”



A moment that has been a long time coming, Australian legend Steve Irwin‘s dying words have been shared with the world. His cameraman, Justin Lyons has come forward on an Australian talk show to talk about the Crocodile Hunter’s final moments. While filming the massive bull stingray that caused his death, Irwin decided on one more shot. Approaching the stingray from behind he hoped to shoot the animal swimming away. While they did accomplish that goal, it was not without dire consequence. As we all know, the stingray struck Irwin several times causing fatal injuries. Lyons confesses that the camera crew all had strict orders that they were to continue filming if anyone, including Irwin, was injured or attacked. After filming the lashing out “hundreds of times within seconds” and departure, Lyons rushed to the aid of his mate. Crying out that his lung had been punctured before he was loaded onto an inflatable raft, the crew rushed him back to Croc One. On the way, Lyons confesses that Irwin was in fact suffering from excruciating pain. Looking up at his longtime friend Irwin uttered his final words, “I’m dying.” The paramedics on the boat only took seconds to pronounce him dead on the scene. While the entire episode was caught on film, it has been buried or destroyed. “I don’t know what’s happened to it and I hope it would never see the light of day.” Lyons included.



The Australian Zoo has continued to honor Steve Irwin’s legacy. It is still the Home of the Crocodile Hunter, who will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of millions across the world for his work.