Shocking new video reveals Walmart abuses and mutilates animals in secret investigation

A shocking new video produced by Mercy For Animals shows footage taken during an undercover investigation of Walmart’s meat producers, and the visuals are abhorrent.  Piglets are taken from their mother, and slammed on the ground to break their skulls.  Some die, others wither in pain before slowly expiring in a pool of their own blood.  Piglets are taken and their genitalia is cut off with a non-sterile knife, and without any sedation.  Living conditions are wretched.  Some of the workers seem to enjoy mutilating live animals.

Adult pigs are forced to live in gestation crates, where they are unable to move or sit.  They are forced to stand in these crates for the entirety of their short, miserable, abused lives.  Thousands of businesses have sworn to never use gestation crates, but Walmart refuses to discontinue the practice.

Is this the price you are willing to pay for the low cost of pork at Walmart?

Visit and sign a petition so your voice can be heard in declaring you will take a stand against these practices.