Rush Limbaugh dodged Vietnam draft due to a cyst on his ass

This article was originally published on on July 26, 2012. (67,000 likes)


Rush Limbaugh makes a living being overly critical of President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, while advocating more aggressive outcomes. He often suggests that American lives be put in harm’s way…but did you know that Limbaugh himself is a draft dodger? It’s true. In fact, he avoided the Vietnam draft entirely because he had a pilondial cyst on his ass.

Logic says that he would have been able to fire a weapon just fine, cyst or not. Rush has had the lifelong appearance of a stout person, so a little extra walking around would have been agreeable to his figure.

The fact that he had a cyst is not to be debated. In fact his own mother corroborated the story according to,Paul D. Colford, one of Limbaugh’s biographers. Apparently, according to family lore, his father was afflicted with the same ailment. His siblings also agree with this story.

Now this entire scenario was not known until Rush spilled the beans in 1992 during an appearance at 92nd Street YM-YWHA during a discussion. Apparently the moderator at the time, Jeff Greenfield, simply asked Rush if he had ever served in the military. This question had never been asked of Rush, and it is still a question that he avoids.

There is scant video or audio of this happening, but it has been reported by that Limbaugh very slowly and carefully said, “I had student deferments in college and, upon taking a physical, was discovered to have a physical — uh, by virtue of what the military says, I didn’t even know it existed — a physical deferment and then the lottery system came along, when they chose your lot by birthdate, and mine was high. And I did not want to go — just as Governor Clinton didn’t.”

In 2002 the issue came up again during a call-in from a listener to Limbaugh’s show where he proclaimed it was ‘popular mythology’, and that it is ‘just a bunch of internet BS’ as in this excerpt from the transcript:

Listener: Rush you never mentioned how you dodged the Vietnam draft.

Rush Limbaugh: I didn’t.

Listener: Yes you did. You claimed you had a boil on your butt.

Rush Limbaugh: No, you see, that’s part of popular mythology that is out there that I have not whined nor complained about, Greg. But that is just a bunch of Internet BS and hyperbole. Never happened. Was not the cause, wasn’t the case.

The story that Limbaugh likes to tell people, now that his draft dodging is public knowledge, is that he avoided the draft because he had an old knee injury from playing highschool football.

That story, too, doesn’t hold much water as the coach at the time is on record saying that Limbaugh only played for one year, and has no memory of Limbaugh ever having a knee injury.

Taking all of these facts into account you have to ask yourself one thing. Would Rush’s own mother lie about something, and if she would — why would she lie about her son having a cyst?