Man suspects lover of affair with Mitt Romney after finding pic on PC, beats her


This article originally appeared on on August 2, 2012. (6,300 likes)

Lowell Turpin, 40, resident of Claxton, Tennessee, is in police custody after assaulting his girlfriend because he suspected her of having an affair. He came to this conclusion after he found a picture of an unknown man on their shared laptop. It turns out the unknown man was Mitt Romney.

According to the official police report at Turpin assaulted his girlfriend, Crystal Gray, 38, and then proceeded to smash their laptop computer against a wall. Gray claims Turpin twisted her wrist and also punched her in the face. Lowell Turpin weighs over 300 pounds.

The report details that Gray’s brother, Timothy, 37, interceded in the assault and diffused the situation before leaving with his sister to call the police.

Less than an hour later when police confronted Turpin in his home he gave rambling responses about the incident, changing his story several times. First he said that he hit himself with the laptop while he was pulling it out of Crystal Gray’s hands, but he later changed his story to say that she hit him with the laptop, but that it was unintentional.

Police were not buying Lowell Turpin’s double talk, and he was promptly arrested for domestic assault.

The victim also imparted to police that her relationship with Turpin had been plagued with physical violence, and that she had fled her home state to escape him and his abusive behavior. There was no mention why, then, she was back with him when this incident happened.

Lowell Turpin is being held in Anderson County jail, but may be released on $1,000 bond.

So far, no party has offered to pay for his release.