Generational Gap: Elderly Americans teach young Brazilian students how to speak English


The language school CNA has partnered with FCB Brasil to create a “speaking exchange” which connects Americans living in retirement homes with students living in Brazil who have a desire to speak more fluent English.

The program was designed to be beneficial to both parties.  The students are able to speak to individuals who have been fluent in English for decades, and the retirees are able to spend some time talking to young people who they otherwise wouldn’t have had an opportunity to speak with.

CNA’s marketing director, Luciana Fortuna, commented on the program:

The goal of the Speaking Exchange project is to transform lives.  Our students have the opportunity to practice English with people who are willing to listen. During the chat sessions the students discuss ideas and information from their lives in Brazil with the American senior citizens, many of whom have never had contact with anyone from Brazil before.