Fracking causes flaming drinking water, study finds



A very dangerous amount of methane gas is located in a Texas water supply.  Those in charge of the Barnette Shale do not accept or admit to any connection between their fracking projects and the gas.  However scientists refute that statement and say results released by state regulators proves conclusively that fracking produces the contamination of ground water.

What would you do if you could hold a lighter to your faucet and see your stream of water ignite on fire?  

Texas ran tests on local water supplies and found the water contained 8.6 milligrams per liter of methane, with the federal government mandating that 10 milligrams is unacceptable.  Then tests performed by scientist Zac Hilderbrand of the University of Texas found the water contained 83 milligrams, which is one of the highest levels of contamination ever recorded!

Why the disparity between the two tests? ¬†According to,¬†‚ÄúThe Commission is aware of elevated methane concentration levels. ¬†Sampling and test results were focused on the source of the methane gas and not on testing methane levels.”

See for yourself by watching below: