Drunk bully gets knocked out in one punch on Atlantic City Boardwalk


The  stunning encounter between a Atlantic City Boardwalk vendor and a drunken man looking for a fight was captured via cellphone video as onlookers kept their distance while the situation unfolded.  The video shows the drunken man shoving the vendor’s cart into him, while shoving the vendor into a railing.  The vendor is almost pinched between a trash can and the railing before escaping.  The vendor appears to want no part of the confrontation, but the drunk man continues pursuit.

After the drunk man pursues the vendor, he lunges wildly and takes a swing which wasn’t close to hitting the vendor’s face.  In reprisal the vendor placed a single hammering blow on the drunk man’s jaw, knocking him out unconscious and leaving him bleeding on the ground.  On lookers began to cackle with glee, with one person off camera shouting, “You got knocked the fuck out!”

Watch the wild footage below: