Conservative radio host says liberals’ caused the Aurora shooting, cites bible

This article was originally published on on July 24, 2012.

Right wing radio host Bryan Fischer postulated Monday that the shootings in Aurora, Colorado were likely linked to godless liberal behavior.

The ignorance began with Conservative preacher Rick Warren, who openly hates gays, tweeting that “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.” Fischer took this to mean that Warren was talking about James Holmes when he said, “If this tweet was connected to the shooting” he continued “it would be appropriate.” He then went on to muse that James Holmes may have been a more superior person than those he killed, and even called him “evolutionarily advanced.”

If this was not bizarre enough, Bryan Fishcer then, after musing about the killers superiority, poorly attempted to tie the tragedy to the left by saying the massacre took place because of “the liberal way” of teaching evolution. He also claimed that the shootings took place because the bible has been removed from public schools since 1962. He said the tragedy was caused by “liberals who spent 60 years telling God to get lost.”

I only 50 count years passing since 1962, but why split hairs?

His incoherent rant included the following deeply articulate thought:

‘Thou shalt not murder.’ What if that had been his (Holmes) daily dose of moral instruction and spiritual instruction?” “Who knows if things could have been different.”, he opined.

Therefore implying that if James Holmes had only been told that opening fire in a movie theater was wrong, he would not have done it — and because of that any person who identifies themselves as a liberal is now culpable.

Finally, Mr. Fischer finished his nonsensical babble with the equally bizarre time comparison which said, “Who knows if things could have been different. But we’ve tried it the other way. The point of my column, we’ve tried it the liberals’ way for 60 years now. What do we got? We have massacres in Aurora.”

Conversely, salt and vinegar chips were also introduced in 1962. Perhaps they caused the shooting too? In fact here is a whole list of things that happened that year. Who knows?

I am personally not against having the 10 commandments in public schools, provided certain conditions are met that allow an equitable experience for all involved. For instance allowing Muslim teachings from the Koran, Jewish teachings from the Torah, the writings of Buddha for Buddhists, and a place for Rastafariansto smoke marijuana as part of their religious rituals must all be included. Perhaps some space for Hinduism,Janism, and Sikhism. This is the only way to ensure an individual’s religious freedom is not hindered even slightly. All are to be treated equal.

Also, it should be a law that any other religion not currently named is welcome to worship without condition or reservation. That is the liberal view on religion in public school, but since extremist advocates such as Mr. Fischer only wish to allow Christianity (and often specifics sects) while depriving all others the opportunity to worship as they wish, and only as he wants them to — that is why it is unfair. That is why religion is banned from public school.

It has nothing to do with “telling god to get lost”, it has to do with observing that every individual in our society has a right to worship or not worship in their own way.

This entire segment was just a way to push the radical right’s agenda by attempting to get some traction and attention from a senseless tragedy. The entire exercise was shameful, and Mr. Fisher and his parent company, The American Family Associations, should feel shame for their behavior.

Watch Fischer’s full video here.