Conservative man goes insane on protesters, threatens and uses violence


This guy is bat shit insane.  You’ll notice while watching that he cannot actually articulate what he believes other than he believes these individuals are wrong, while spewing threats of violence.  This individual is a perfect example of all that is wrong with American society, of which he believes he is upholding.  He does not allow dissent.  He destroys private property while exclaiming the virtues of America.  Those who disagree with him are the enemy, and who deserve no respect for their individual opinions.  He believes it is acceptable to use violence to win a philosophical scenario.  Ultimatley, as with most individuals of his ilk, it ended with him walking away after unleashing his tirade upon the protesters.  Something subtle would suggest this was likely not the first, or the last, time that this conservative man has used violence in an attempt to get his way.