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Girlfriend Turns Tables On Prankster Boyfriend

First off, it was a bad idea to tell his girlfriend he cheated on her especially if he was joking. Secondly, it’s a terrible idea to for her to retaliate the way she did. The whole thing is just awful.

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McDonald’s tells a 10-year-employee to enroll in food stamps and visit food pantries

A 10-year- employee of McDonald’s named Nancy recently called the McDonald’s ‘help line’ to ask for help on how she could afford to feed her two children on just $8.50 an hour.  The representative fielding questions patronized Nancy and told her there are ‘federal programs’ like foodstamps, and that perhaps she should visit a food […]

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You won’t be able to stop laughing at this kid talking to himself on the toilet

A child being videotaped by his mother talks to himself while in the bathroom about eating too much food.  The mother can be heard in the background attempting to suppress her laughter.    

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