Bieber Busted at Brazilian Beaver Bash



People expect Justin Bieber to act the same age as the fans that listen to his music.  He’s got millions in the bank, and he’s damn good looking.  Just because he doesn’t play Doom Metal doesn’t mean he has to behave like a kindergartner.  He’s a kid, and he wants to fuck shit up like a rock star, let him.  Oh he spray painted a wall?  Oh he had sex with prostitutes?  Oh he does drugs?  Wait wait wait… some are shocked he does that?  I’d be shocked if Barack Obama was out doing those things, but not a rich bratty teenager.  I’d be floored if he wasn’t on drugs, my jaw would drop if they told me he’s never paid for sex.  He has so much money in the world he can fuck a hotel up so bad the entire city will ban him.  Oh, let’s also point out that when a female celebrity has a sex tape released she’s a whore.  A complete slut who has brought shame to her entire family, but Justin?  “That girl was so ugly lol.”  Why do we care that kids grow up?  You didn’t have millions of dollars, millions of fans dying to bed you, and you still fucked shit up no doubt.  Granted, you weren’t banned from a city or exposed on TMZ, but you probably crashed your dad’s car, you probably stole money from your mom’s purse.  We were all kids and we grew up and did stupid shit.  There are dozens of child stars that do the same thing and the public acts as if they’re the patron saint of all that is holy and chaste.  Besides, why are famous people role models to begin with?  Why not Bill Gates?  Why not Buddha?  Why not people who actually changed the world?  Better yet, if your child’s role model is Justin Bieber, you’re fucking up as a parent.  If your child is playing GTA V and decided to stab their sister and they’re both under 10… it’s your fault for letting them play a game that says 17+.  We shouldn’t be looking up to Justin Bieber and forcing him to act the same age as his fanbase, that’s ridiculous.  He should be having sex with women and experimenting with everything we did as teenagers, and shame on us for shaming him and every other child celebrity growing up the same way we did.