“Abolitionists” Take New Tactic in Fight Against Abortion

A new group named Abolish Human Abortion, which insidiously uses the same AHA acronym as the American Heart Association, has started to gain momentum. Founded from Norman, Oklahoma by former drug dealer Toby Harmon and former graduate student Russell Hunter, the group now has chapters nationwide. Shunning the phrase “pro-lifer” they prefer to be called “abolitionists” and encourage the slavery correlation. The fundamental argument in their cause is, “…because I’m a Christian”. While these tenets will not strike anyone as abnormal, what should raise alarm is the target of their message. Instead of focusing on the cliché abortion clinic protests, abolitionists are targeting evangelical churches with The ChurchRepent Project launched in 2013. Abolitionists exhort churchgoers to be more Christ-like and dutifully follow the creed of their faith. By pressuring the good people of the congregation with things they already claim to hold dear, support is easy to attain.

churchrepent protest

They don’t stop there. With Project Frontlines, abolitionists launched February 2014 they also flood high schools with their messages. Using graphic novel like handouts, a strong dose of Jesus Christ, and the standard gruesome imagery and phrases associated with anti-abortion groups they are getting their message out there. It’s always easier to coerce those with only one side of data into ignoring the opposition. Their Facebook page has over 34,000 subscibers, higher even than Westboro Baptist Church’s 24,000.

The ultimate goal of this group is no different than that of conventional anti-abortion factions. They want to end hormonal birth control and try women who have abortions as murderers. They even disdain rape and incest exceptions. The fact that they are so staunchly opposed to all forms of “child sacrifice” is perhaps their greatest asset. They hold no illusions about what they stand for, and shout their message with all the fervor one would expect from any other flavor of zealot.