Ukraine Russian relations, raw footage

In chess, as in life. Everyone knows of the renowned Russian Grandmasters in this sport of kings. The threat of a particular move is often more effective than the move itself. Case in point: Russian troops in Crimea have been greeted with open arms by many protesters. This is not the case everywhere, as evidenced in the raw footage below. Clearly, the threat is present when the warning shots are firedĀ over Ukraine troops bearing the flags of both Ukraine and the Soviet Union. Hitting any of the soldiers marching on the facility would have been a move made rather thanĀ a move threatened. The populace and the government of the region are at odds with each other. As the situation escalates, each action has exponentially increased repercussions than each precedingĀ it. While an internationally recognized annexation cannot happen while Crimea is under foreign military control, both history and law are written by the victors.