Tea Party Christian Looses It… So I Lose It Back. (VIDEO)

The Birth of my Manifesto by Kyle Neven:

From this day forward I am taking my Jesus back!!!

I am a Christian. If you are Tea Party, you are NOT! That is a fact. That is my truth. I hereby pronounce you all- Kra Kra Khristians! Thy name is #KKKhristian. And I will not let you usurp my Faith with your immorality. Period!

I am Christian left. A real Christian. I have friends and I have family whom I love and who are Christian right with disparate views on many issues, granted, but are Christian, nonetheless. I also have amazing friends and family I love just as much who are #Atheist and #Agnostic. Are we all going different places? Not according to my God! You see, Hope lives here. For Love is the only key necessary to travel these roads.

But if you have values like those of #TheTeaParty, and you call yourself Christian, you not only have a delusional disorder, you are a liar and you are a thief – you have stolen #MySavior and you have spat on Him. You are #Khristian!

The World of The Tea Party can only be described as Terroristic. They are not #Patriots, they are #Hatriots. A morality so very dark in its discipline, cruel in its very nature and destructive in its dankness. It is unholy and it is ugly. These lower life forms writhing and wringing in the wickedness spewed forth by #FoxNews are basking under a dark umbrella of utter contempt holding onto a past of unearthly decay. It Survives off Fear and Thrives in Ignorance. It expands one’s willingness to praise Empathic Lack.

The right is already becoming morally bankrupt by allowing corporations to bankroll this soul souring smörgåsbord of taint and disease. And if we allow these crude stains to continue unbridled, they will only deliver more filth, more poison and penultimately, they will decimate the Light.

You know I am starting to figure out why the right HATES, Obama, gays, women, real ‘spiritually focussed’ men and anyone who wants to heal our planet:
They want the End of Days! They are desperate for that fucking Rapture, they are fuming themselves into oblivion. And they will be their own undoing.


They loathe us ’cause we are screwing with their timeline. Because the only way they are gonna get ‘beamed up’ is if they can destroy all that is good and holy down here. They NEED – war, poverty and natural disasters! And having all us progressives gaining more and more power undoes everything they have been praying for…and preying on.

The President is anti-war and inclusive.
Woman are the planet’s nurturers and teachers.
Gays are the planet’s healers and storytellers.
Real men are the protectors and doers.
Tree huggers are the stewards and investigators.

They hate us because we are of Light and we believe that all good people deserve Heaven - except our Heaven can be created here on Earth. I know it. I feel. We simply have to BELIEVE IT.