Store owner beats thief after being sucker punched



As an American citizen, business owner, and former member of the Army Special Forces, Maen Mdanat doesn’t play games.  He has become a hero in his neighborhood for standing up to criminals.  The video below captures such an altercation.  Mdanat was sitting in his office when he spotted a customer attempting to steal, while giving the attending cashier a hard time.  The spry business owner sprang into action, and calmly attempted to escort the unruly criminal out of his establishment.

Suddenly the thief sucker punches Mdanat, but the grazing blow doesn’t faze the owner who then struck back with speed and precision!  Mdanat kicked the criminal in the stomach and them punched him squarely in the eye, knocking the criminal flat on his back.  Mdanat could have inflicted a heavy amount of damage to the thief while they were disabled on the ground, but Mdanat elected to take the path of higher valor.

Of his actions Mdanat said, ‘I’m still human, I have kids and a wife.’

Watch below: