Shocking video of animals before they are butchered for food



The film Samsara shocked the world and offered the perspective of a monk traveling the planet and visiting a variety of different societies in a search for enlightenment.  While the monk’s struggle for knowledge is admirable, the footage that was uncovered on this journey raises many questions for many individuals regarding the food they regularly put into their bodies.  There is a disconnect for many individuals as it relates to how food is prepared.  Many individuals picture a farm where cows and chickens and pigs are free to roam the country before being processed for human consumption.  This belief is far from the reality of the situation.


The consensus among food providers is the general public should not be aware of how their food is made, otherwise they may be more reluctant to eat it.  This, in turn, hurts the bottom line of major food processors.  As such, it is illegal for individuals to take pictures of meat production facilities, with the penalties ranging from financial to prison time!