Republicans block Obama’s attempt to close Guantanamo Bay

A sore spot in the Obama presidency has been the president’s inability to close Guantanamo Bay despite campaigning on doing so immediately upon taking office.


Recently the president renewed his vow to close the facility, but he is now facing harsh opposition from the GOP controlled House of Representatives.

The GOP has taken steps to make it nearly impossible to close Guantanamo Bay by crafting provisions in a bill brought forward by Congressman Howard McKeon that would deny the government necessary funds to transfer prisoners.

According to the AP the bill would deny the Defense Department the ability to spend any funds to build a new facility in the U.S. for the purposes of long term detention of terror suspects on U.S. soil.  The bill further stipulates that the Pentagon itself is disallowed from spending a single cent to transfer prisoners to the United States or a foreign nation.  This is a slap in the face to President Obama and effectively neutralizes his plan of sending detainees to Yemen.