Was Paul Walker a pedophile?

Paul Walker’s private life was not a source of much national interest until after his untimely passing at 40-years-old.  Now, however, questions are being raised about the history of Walker’s relationship with 23-year-old college student Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.  Why?  The pair were involved in a relationship over a seven year period.  Go ahead and do a little math.  Seven years ago Pilchard-Gosnell was 16-years-old and Walker was 33-years-old.

Now this disturbing fact, which is not in dispute by any concerned parties including Pilchard-Gosnell’s family, makes one wonder what a movie star was doing flirting with a 16-year-old girl to begin with.  Let alone scooping one up into a multi-year relationship.  Who knows.  One could be kind and give the deceased the benefit of the doubt in this case, because surely a wildly successful movie star who dates children wouldn’t possibly have had sexual contact with her until the appropriate time.  Of course.

Walker discussed his rampant sexual appetites in a past interview:

I knew where I was at with chicks and having fun. I mean I was sleeping with her (Rebecca / baby mama) friends for crying out loud. You know what I mean?  I was an animal.

Consider this smitten love affair began just after Paul Walker was working with the Jessica Alba on the movie Into The Blue.


Think about it.

Walker also disclosed he did not live alone until he was 32-years-old.  Which means as soon as he was able to afford his own place he decided to shack up with a teenager.

Maybe he didn’t have sex with her until the legal age of consent, which in California is 18.  They held hands, talked about 10th grade algebra homework, and drank milkshakes for two years.  Then when the time was right, the clothes came flying off in a frenzy with an eruption of two years worth of pent up carnal energy.  I suppose that is the scenario one must believe, but how is that possible considering Walker’s own words about his ‘animal’ like libido?

Pilchard-Gosnel has been understandably distraught and is currently seeking comfort with her family.  If and when she does speak one can be certain that questions about the nature of their relationship will be asked.

EDIT:  A second woman has now come forward to confirm that she was also involved in a relationship with Paul Walker when she was 16-years-old and Walker was 28.


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