Oprah attempts to belittle an atheist and gets destroyed

Diana Nyad, 64, is a marathon swimmer who swam from Cuba to Florida in September.  While doing an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Oprah revealed herself to be a borderline hostile religious zealot.  Nyad described herself as ‘an atheist in awe.’

Nyad said, “I don’t criticize anybody because the definition of life is ‘we will never know.’ We will never know.”  This is where Oprah chimes in, “Until that last breath, and maybe it’s an “oh wow!” one for you, as it was for Steve Jobbs.” Not that Oprah had any evidence to make such a statement, and it was certainly low class of her to belittle a dead man’s beliefs who was not relevant to the discussion other than he too was an atheist. Hitler was a Christian, would it be fair to bring that up with Oprah? After she slings her mud Oprah has a big smile and lets out a big laugh, as if it was funny she basically told her guest she might be heading to hell.

You stay classy, Oprah.