Ohio sheriff suggests citizens buy heroin from a ‘trusted source’

A horrendous new drug called “krokodil” has made its way from Russia to the shores of America and beyond.  Reported cases have been dotted around the nation, and the drug has even penetrated rural communities in Ohio.  Krokodil is a substance that delivers a feeling similar to that of injecting heroin, but at a much reduced cost.  The trade off for this drug user’s bargain is that krokodil is made of a ghastly concoction including paint thinner, iodine, gasoline, kitchen cleaner, and hydrochloric acid which, when injected, often causes skin to begin to decompose beyond repair.  The drug has gained a reputation for creating ‘zombies.’

An Ohio sheriff, Pat Kelly of Athens County, is worried that citizens in his jurisdiction will fall victim to this new drug, and suggests that if individuals are going to use heroin that they buy it from a trusted source:

I’m hoping they won’t use heroin it all, but I’m not that naive.  I know that they’re going to so, to say, ‘Get your heroin from a trusted source,’ sounds ridiculous coming from a sheriff. But I’m saying go to a source, if you’re going to have to get your fix, you don’t want to get ahold of krokodil.  But they really aren’t going to know if they get it or not, until it’s too late.



Video thanks to 10tv.com.

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