Meet the man who tattoos 3D nipples on breast cancer survivors



Little Vinnie’s Tattoos is offering breast cancer survivors a way to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy procedure removed their nipples.  Vinnie Myers is the master artist at the helm of his one-of-a-kind shop which Myers boasts to have helped over 5,000 women feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.  Many travel across America, and sometimes the world, for Myers’ services.

Myers is an artist and drawing circles on women is not, he feels, the best use of his talent.  He was prepared to give up nipple tattooing entirely until he was informed that his own sister had breast cancer.   Since that moment Myers has dedicated himself to the obscure art of 3D nipple tattooing, and he presently has a list of waiting customers six months long.  Despite his rare skill Myers is not gouging his customers, and charges a modest $600-800 for a pair of matching tattoos.

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