Mark Ruffalo calls out Fox News’ lies on Benghazi

Ruffalo doesn't mince words.

Ruffalo doesn’t mince words.


Fox News attempted to spin propaganda towards actor/director Mark Ruffalo, but he quickly and concisely shut down their efforts.

FOX:  With all of the record unemployment, the Benghazi scandal, The Obamacare debacle

Ruffalo: You’re talking about Benghazi scandal?  You know that’s….you and I agree that’s BS now, right?

FOX:  Why is that BS?  An American ambassador was assassinated and there was no protection for him and he wasn’t rescued.

Ruffalo:  So what was the scandal, tho?

FOX:  Well there was no protection for him.  He was never rescued…

Ruffalo:  But who cut the funding?  Who’s cutting?  Who’s cutting the budget?  Republicans.



Well played Mr. Ruffalo.  He was referencing when Congressman Jason Chaffetz admitted to cutting the budget  for embassy security.