Confederate Flag Display Gets Students Suspended Indefinitely At Long Island Catholic School

conffTwo students from St. Anthony’s High School in New York have been suspended for allegedly draping a confederate flag over their shoulders during an after school event.

In an interview with CBS the schools principal, Brother Gary Cregan, said:

“I find it just very hard to even imagine why any student in 2014 would even consider or think that a Confederate flag would be anything other than a symbol of hate.”

Cregan also stated:

“The African-American students who immediately saw it really exercised heroic restraint and fortunately a teacher immediately confiscated the flag and took the students out of the gym.”

The students were initially suspended 10 days for the incident, but Cregan decided to make the suspension permanent. In a letter written to parents, reported by Newsday, Cregan stated:

 “The use of any symbol, either historic or current, which carries a meaning designed to revive past injustices or to inflame discrimination or racial intolerance, is completely unacceptable and profoundly offensive.”

A photograph taken inside of St. Anthony’s shows students wearing the confederate flag.  Cregan feels this has tarnished the schools reputation, and also asked parents to monitor the internet activities of their children.

conffffffWhile St. Anthony’s is a private school, and usually not subject to First Amendmenmt limitations, a New York Civil Liberties Union officer believes that students should be able to openly express their beliefs-even if they are offensive. “Our motto is more speech, not censorship or punishment,” NYCLU director Donna Lieberman told Brown told WCBS-TV. “Helping children understand the impact of this patently offensive expressive activity.” Cregan believes students free speech rights are limited.

The students were not available for comment.