Insane Christian woman suffocates her 6-week old baby with pages from bible

This article was originally published on on June 13, 2012.


A UK woman, Jullia Lovemore, 41, admitted to the manslaughter of her 6 week old daughter in court stemming from an incident in 2009. Lovemore has been in the custody of the state for three years prior to her latest courtroom appearance. She now awaits the punishment for smothering her child to death.

When the child was discovered dead, it was found to have pages of the bible in its mouth and throat. The mother admits to blocking the airways of the less than two month old child’s mouth. She said, “I sat in my bedroom and I was ripping pages out of my Bible. I put some small bits of paper in Faith’s mouth and she spat them out.”

Many sources have reported the mother describing sitting on the child, and then bouncing up and down. She says she does not know why she did this and that she “got bipolar.” Quite an excuse for someone who admitted to taking the life of a child.

She is married to David Lovemore, and both have a history of psychosis and mental illness. They are both also known religious fanatics.

It is now believed that when social workers arrived at the house the child was already dead. They say David Lovemore was in a full blown psychotic state, praying loudly and screaming for someone to “take the devil out of Julia.”

Julia Lovemore has had a history of psychotic episodes going back as far as 1995. She will continue to be held in custody until she is sentenced. As of this writing a date has not been set for sentencing.