Global Warming Is Caused By America Not Supporting Israel Says Republican Preacher David Barton

Right wing extremist preacher David Barton flexed his intellectual muscles on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” when he said that God will punish America with bad weather for not supporting Israel.  This implies that climate change not real, and that an invisible flying entity in the sky uses weather related catastrophes to somehow settle scores between nations.  Pay no attention to corporate pollution good people.

Barton’s absolute lunacy is further compounded by the other two fools on stage who do their best impression of a chicken by bobbing their heads aimlessly in agreement.  It’s surprising Barton didn’t come full circle and attempt to sell his viewers magic beans.

Video from RWW.  Watch below:


If you cannot force yourself to endure such stupidity verbally, here is the transcript:

The way that you treat the Jews shows the degree of civilization that you have. Any time you go after the Jews God comes after you. And by the way, the deal that we’re fighting right now with Israel, they need to give up land or this, we’re told in Acts, God says “I’m the one who established the boundaries of nations.” God told us in the Bible exactly what the boundaries of Israel are to be. And whenever a politician gets involved and says “we need to give up this land or that land,” you better get God’s permission first because he’s the one who drew the lines, he’s the one who made the covenant with those boundaries. You start messin’ with that you’re messin’ directly with God. This is not like other nations; this is a covenant nation.

And so you look at what’s going on with Israel, if you side [with] Israel, God can bless that; if you don’t side [with] Israel, God’s gonna have trouble with that. And how does he express that? Well, one of the things he often did in the Bible was weather phenomenon. Other things that he did was productivity would go down, or agriculture, crops, or droughts, and suddenly you’re not as prosperous as you were; there are things that have happened.