Fox News host admits ‘dark’ struggle with alcoholism


An eight year veteran of Fox News broke her silence about a lifetime struggle with alcohol.

Laurie Dhue gave a speech May 21 at the Downtown Women’s Center for their fifth annual spring luncheon where she vividly recounted her experiences for the 8 years she spent at Fox and how she lost her life at the bottom of a bottle.  She said:

The more professional success I enjoyed, the worse my addiction got.  I had external things, but I wasn’t living life. I was merely existing. I knew how to package myself, but I couldn’t look in the mirror without shame and disgust.

She went on to say:

Addiction touches every single family.  Its tentacles reach far and wide, but there is so much joy in recovery.

According to the reporting of Dhue revealed her “double life” and says the turning point came after her sister became pregnant, and she was afraid of not being capable or desired to be in the children’s lives.

Laurie Dhue left Fox news in 2008 and is now the spokeswoman for the Hazelden Treatment Center in  Center City, Minnesota.

Author’s note: While I have sincere sympathy for Ms. Dhue I find that the more popular *I* become the more expensive alcohol I can buy.  Cheers.

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