Fox News exec cries that Obama spends too much time talking about their lies

This article originally was published on on July 21, 2012.

Fox News, ever the model for how to behave like a childish bully, spends hours a day talking about President Obama negatively but when he even mentions them they cry foul.

It is not a secret that The White House and Fox News have a less than warm relationship. The Fox Network has grown in ratings since the president assumed office beause they continue to stoke the primal fears of an ignorant population.

When the president was at a campaign stop, Buzzfeed reports that Fox News was on in the restaurant and he quipped that perhaps someone should ask the manager to change the channel. Then he said, “the customer is always right.”

That situation in itself is telling. It is not as if the president goes anywhere unannounced. For him to step inside that restaurant, the building was swept and secure by Secret Service. They knew he was coming so why would the television even be set to Fox News? That, however, is a different story. Perhaps it was a worker’s dissenting barb to the president.

Michael Clemente is Fox’s executive vice president of news and he said of the situation, “I think it lowers the office. For it (their lies) to come up as regularly as it does,” “it’s just unusual.”

Clemente was quoted in The New York Times saying, “I would like to be 15th on the list, not 3rd.” implying of everything the president deals with, Fox is his number three problem. Gas prices, nuclear war, poverty, the economy, tort reform — but in this deluded narcissist’s head he believes they are number three. If Clemente ever wrote a book, I would be delighted to read the self-serving review he writes for himself.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, states the position plainly. “We work with Fox News and their reporters” he continued, “but we’re not naive about their business model.”

White House Communications Director, Dan Pfeiffer dryly laughed and said,“You would be surprised how low on the list of priorities this is.”

Michael Clemente knows what they are doing is less than pure journalism, because he acknowledged that, “we’re not C-Span.”

Finally, someone from Fox told the truth.