Corpus Christi police officer arrested for soliciting a 15 year old girl online

Originally published on on April 11, 2012.

A Corpus Christi police officer was arrested yesterday for allegedly soliciting a teenage girl online. The girl alleges this behavior has gone on for nearly a year, and says the conversations were sexual in nature. The teen also alleges having been in personal contact and met with the officer. Without elaboration she said they engaged in “inappropriate activity.”

The Corpus Christi police department held their own internal investigation, which began just over a week ago when the girl made her original claims.

The officer in question, Robert Lee McChester Jr, is 27 years old and a four-year veteran of the police force. During a press conference held Tuesday evening at the police station, Police Chief Floyd Simpson said, “We are ready, willing and able to clear our own house.” This is clearly evident as McChester sits in a jail cell awaiting a bail hearing as of the writing of this article.

McChester, while under arrest has not been fired and is officially on administrative leave, with pay, pending an official review.