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Homeless on the streets of Las Vegas

  The homeless population in Las Vegas is abysmal, with thousands and thousands of individuals living on the streets. Living in doorways, asking for change, and sleeping under hollow staircases stained with the scent of urine while others walk over top of them; most passersby unaware that people are living there. I often perform private […]

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Shocking new video reveals Walmart abuses and mutilates animals in secret investigation

A shocking new video produced by Mercy For Animals shows footage taken during an undercover investigation of Walmart’s meat producers, and the visuals are abhorrent.  Piglets are taken from their mother, and slammed on the ground to break their skulls.  Some die, others wither in pain before slowly expiring in a pool of their own […]

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Occupy Wall Street two years later

  Occupy Wall Street exploded onto the American political landscape in the fall of 2011, and a movement quickly spread to all corners of the planet with ordinary individuals taking to the streets to declare they were not pleased with the status quo of supporting the 1% while the remaining 99% of citizens suffer.  The […]

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