Boehner says Congressman who spoke to Nazi group is ‘a decent person’

Speaker John Boehner holds a press conference in Washington


Freshly reelected House Speaker John Boehner jumped to the defense of the beleaguered Congressman Steve Scalise after Scalise admitted to giving a speech in 2002 to a white supremacist group:

“I, like Mr. Scalise, served in the state legislature.  I remember my freshman term in the state legislature when I had a half of a staffer. You get asked to speak to a lot of groups. I think Mr. Scalise made it clear that he made an error in judgement. He spoke to a group, not clear who they actually were.”

Apparently Speaker Boehner has powers of telepathy.  While he’s not boasted about this specific power he did say he knows what is in Scalise’s heart:

“Now I know this man. I work with him. I know what’s in his heart. He’s a decent honest person who made a mistake. We’ve all made mistakes.”

When it came time for the man of the hour to answer questions Mr. Scalise chose not to elaborate on the most relevant query surrounding this story.  How did he know group?  Instead Scalise refereed directed to his previous statements.


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