Baptist CEO arrested for soliciting sex with a dog


Jerald Hill of Missouri, 56, was arrested on August 5, 2014 for soliciting sex with animals on Craigslist.

Hill, who resides in Camden County, was taken into custody by the Camden Sheriff’s Cyber Crimes Task Force.   Detective Tracy Perkins says the Sheriff’s office received several tips that an individual was continually posting about their desire to hire a person that would allow them to have sex with their dog.  Hill also solicited sex with another animal, but what animal the was has not been disclosed.  Speculation would lead one to believe the sought after mammal was not a cat, for example.  Although Hill’s desires could very well be beyond warm-blooded sex.  Who knows?

The end came for Hill after receiving a response from someone he believed to be a viable party, but was actually an undercover member of law enforcement.  After arranging a meeting Hill arrived at the agreed upon location in Columbia, MO expecting to find a fellow creep and a dog to victimize.  Rather he found a set of handcuffs and a ride to jail according to  Hill has been charged with attempted animal abuse and attempted unlawful sex with an animal.

Before being arrested Hill was the president and CEO of the Windermere Baptist Conference Center, with was being the operative word.  Since his arrest Hill has been fired.  The center’s leadership discussed Hill’s arrest via telephone according to

We are concerned for the well-being of Jerry…and we are also concerned with the well-being of Windermere,” Chairman Arthur Mallory said. “Windermere will continue to function in a good way…. It is a significant piece of God’s kingdom’s work.

Hill faces misdemeanor charges if convicted.